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Last Updated: 19-JUN-2021
Who Are We? History & Lore Documents Contacts & Committees

Who Are We?

What Is LARPing?

YOU Are The Hero!

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of the 8 Classes!

Flyer: What Is IFGS?

The Game Writer's World

New Dallas IFGS World Map

PC Archipelago

Lands of Runelore

Navarro Empire

Old Map Of Fiorgynsheim

Old Expanded Map Of Fiorgynsheim

Town Of Fairhaven

History of Fiorgynsheim, Pt 1

History of Fiorgynsheim, Pt 2

History of Runelore

Lycan Clans of Runelore

Member Reports/Info

Signed Waivers

Loremaster Guide

Stoplight Policy


Registry Handbook

Resources & Forms

Magic Shop

Capturing Legacy PCs

Blank Legacy Reports

Old Rulebook, v7

Hits & Misses, v7

Current Rulebook, v8

Quickstart Rules

Simplified Convention Rules

Optional Character Abilities

The Tunguska Effect: Rules

All Dallas Games

All Dallas Board Meetings

All Dallas Board Meeting Minutes

Chapter Admin CAP

Contacts & Committees




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