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Sanctioning Committee

Last Updated: 05-MAY-2024

The Sanctioning Committee is responsible for ensuring that all of the events sponsored by the Dallas Chapter are playable, survivable by the PCs, fair within the context of their ratings, and conform to the rules of IFGS gaming. These brave souls are the ones that help each Game Writer polish their script into the finely-tuned plotline that each gamer experiences when they hit the course and the GM calls "Game in"!

The Sanctioning Committee consists of the Sanctioning Chair, members of the Sanctioning Committee, and Sanctioning Representatives.

Each game is assigned a Sanctioning Team to help ensure that it meets the criteria specified above. A major game requires three people on its Sanctioning Team, a non-major game requires only two people on its Sanctioning Team. Each Sanctioning Team must include at least one Member (not just Sanctioning Reps).

This is a quick introduction and summary about what the Sanctioning Committee does, how the SC works, what it looks for when reviewing a game, what a Game Writer needs to include in their game, and the basic steps that need to be taken in order to get a game sanctioned!

Sanctioning Chair
The Dallas Chapter Sanctioning Committe chair is Dustin Procter, sanctioning@[REMOVE THIS]dallasifgs.org
Contact Dustin for all your questions regarding Sanctioning issues.

Dallas Sanctioning Committee Members

Dallas Sanctioning Reps


Reference Materials

Sanctioning Handbook
As old as it is, this is still the Ultimate Guide to how to write and Sanction IFGS Games. It contains all of the policies on Sanctioning for the IFGS. It has been recently reformatted to be easier to read and use.
1998 Society Sanctioning Handbook

IFGS Bluebook
This is the current set of rules that determines the in-game gold piece cost for every item in the IFGS world: both mundane and magic. It's a VERY handy reference to have available....you never know when someone is going to offer to sell you that unique and bizarre Magic Item that you've never heard of before for, oh...say all the gold you just earned from the two-day game you just completed! So, is it worth the asking price? Find out here:
2020 IFGS BlueBook, v2.15


Become A Sanctioning Rep!

We are always looking for a few more good people to join the Sanctioning Committe as members or a reps. All it takes a llittle bit of experience with IFGS. Helping to sanction a game is an excellent way to 1) help Game Writers create the most pleasant and fun experience they can with their games; 2) help the Chapter to get more games in the pipeline, and 3) learn what goes into a good game. This last item is most helpful when YOU finally decide to write your own game!

Sanctioning a game is a fun and rewarding experience, and the best thing is that you pretty much get your pick of the choice NPC roles for the game!!!   :)

Anyone who feels they should be on the list of approved members needs to get in contact with myself, the SC Chair, to attend a Sanctioning 101 meeting and thus be added to the list. This is true even if you were previously certified for sanctioning; and it is required in order to be added as an apprentice if you have never previously sanctioned an IFGS game.

Please note that this one hour Sanctioning Refresher Course is required effective January 01, 2019 for all sanctioning reps; old and new.

Please contact the Sanctioning Chair to learn how you can become a Sanctioning Committee member or a Sanctioning Rep for the Dallas Chapter of IFGS.


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