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Dallas IFGS Mailing List

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Last Updated: 16-JAN-2018

Dallas IFGS Contacts

The Board
The Dallas IFGS Board
Title Name Home Phone Email Thru
President Dustin Procter 817-694-9702 President 2020
Vice President Chris Seals 832-326-3913 Vice President 2020
  Jim Davie 412-735-3658 Board Member 1 2019
  Pat McGehearty 972-410-0356 Board Member 2 2019
  Rich Adkisson 214-507-6182 Board Member 3 2020
  Sarah Gibson 469-383-0620 Board Member 4 2020
  Seth Bush 903-305-7609 Board Member 5 2019
Non-Board Member Positions
Secretary David Gibson 469-383-0580 Secretary 2019


Standing Committees

Title Name Home Phone Email
Newsletter Paul Coley 972-437-6588 Newsletter
Quartermaster John Jones 972-470-3202 Quartermaster
Registry Olan Knight 972-979-8753 Registry
Safety Rich Adkisson 214-507-6182 Safety
Sanctioning Sarah Gibson 469-383-0620 Sanctioning
Society Liaison Brad Evenson 303-403-4898 Society Liaison
Treasury Tracey Skopinski 817-565-0854 Treasury
Public Relations David Spence 817-565-0854 Public Relations
Website Olan Knight 972-979-8753 Website

Ad Hoc Committees
Elections Dustin Procter 817-694-9702 Elections
World Committee Sarah Gibson 469-383-0620 Worldcom Chair
  Tina Spence 817-565-0857 Member #1
  John Jones 972-470-3202 Member #2
  David Spence 817-565-0854 Member #3
  Pat McGehearty 972-410-0356 Member #4
  Jim Davie 412-735-3658 Member #5
Land Open    

Other Contacts

Title Name Email
Webmaster Olan Knight Webmaster
National IFGS Clerk Janice Gott National Clerk