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Registry Committee

Last Updated: 19-JAN-2023

The Registry Committe is the group responsible for maintaining the records of the Dallas Chapter.
Records are maintained for every sanctioned event, as well as for each Player Character (PC) that participated in each sanctioned event.

Non-Player Character (NPC) points are also maintained.

All of this information is available online from the Member Reports page.
You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC in order to read the reports.

Note: Information collected by the Dallas Chapter is never traded, given away, leased, or sold to anyone other than the IFGS Society Registry.


Registry Chair

Olan Knight, registry@[REMOVE THIS]dallasifgs.org
Contact Olan for all your questions about your CAP and/or your Characters' experience. 

Dallas Registry Reps

2022 Registry Handbook v3.33

Version 3.33 of the Registry Handbook is the current, official guideline for the Registry Committe of each local Chapter of IFGS; it is dated April 2021.
It can be downloaded from the documents navigation link menu: Registry Handbook v3.33

Note that this document also contains all of the blank forms needed by a Chapter of the IFGS, as well as sample reports for the Registry Committe to use as templates for their own reporting purposes.


Yes, you too can gain the Phenomenal Cosmic Power that accrues instantly when you sign up to become a Dallas Chapter IFGS Registry Representative.
All it requires is that you be an official, paid-up member of the Dallas Chapter and go through some brief training which will be provided by the Registry Chair!

To gain incredible good looks, a perfect physique, and instant admiration from all members of the opposite gender, get in touch with Registry Chair and sign up to become a Registry Rep! Hurry!!! Sign up NOW and avoid the rush!


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