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Safety Committee
Last Updated: 19-JAN-2023

The Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring that all of the sanctioned events hosted by the Dallas Chapter conform to the safety guidelines established by the IFGS Society Safety Committee. This includes the inspection of all IFGS-type weaponry before it is allowed into a game, inspection of the game site for potential safety issues, inspection of each encounter site to preclude safety issues, and the coordination of communications between staff and players.

Safety Officers generally should have had First Aid and/or CPR training at some point.
The Safety Officer assigned to a game is available at the game site for the entire length of the game: from setup to tear-down.

Game Safety Officer's Checklist & Duties
Here is the Game Safety Officer's Checklist, to be used with every game.
It's a nice list of what the Game Safety Officer (GSO) does, and for what they are responsible during the game in which they are the GSO.

Game Safety Officer
The Dallas Chapter's Safety Officer is Pat McGehearty, safety@[REMOVE THIS]dallasifgs.org
Contact Pat for all your questions regarding safety issues.

Dallas Safety Reps

Dallas Ropes Course Officers


Safety Handbooks

Volume 1 of the IFGS Safety Handbook is the current, official guideline for the Safety Committe of each local Chapter of IFGS. It can be downloaded from the IFGS Society website document archives:
IFGS Safety Handbook, Vol 1

Volume 2 of the IFGS Safety Handbook is the new Handbook on handling the Technical aspects of IFGS Safety, including pyrotechnics and ropes courses.
IFGS Safety Handbook, Vol 1


Become A Safety Rep!

If you have at one time been certified in either First Aid and/or CPR, and are interested in becoming a Safety Rep for the Dallas Chapter, please contact the Safety Chair to learn how this dream can become a reality!

The Dallas Chapter occasionally holds classes in First Aid and in CPR for the express purpose of training new Safety Reps. If you would be interested in taking one or both of these classes, please contact the Dallas Chapter Safety Chair to see when the next classes are to be held. Note that it usually requires five or more people before we can schedule either class.

A Ropes Course is fun for everyone involved, and if you'd like to learn how to create one and become an official Ropes Course Officer for the Dallas Chapter, get in touch with either the Safety Chair or with Olan Knight to schedule your training session!


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