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Getting Started With the Dallas IFGS

~~~ IS EASY!!! ~~~

Select a Class Pick your Alignment Create your Character Name & Backstory Gear Up! Show up to an event!

These steps can be done in any order you wish, though the sequence listed above from left to right is normally recommended. The only required step is the last one: Show up to an event!

Once you show up, you can either play your new character or you can be an NPC; and in many cases you can do both!
Click here if you still need some help.

Detailed Guide for each step

Step 1:   Select a Class

IFGS uses a Class based gaming system.
When you pick a Class for your character you automatically get a full set of strengths and skills unique to that class.
While there is some overlap between the classes, for example: multiple classes can perform Healing, each Class has its own unique flavor.

First, take a look at the Quick Play Rules to get a feel for the different Classes.
Once you know which Class you would like to play, it's time to create your Player Character: your "PC".

  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Knight
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Ranger
  • Thief
  • - Representatives of the Gods, and are specialists in healing and protection.
    - The heralds of nature, skilled in elemental magic, healing, and nature’s ways.
    - The tanks of the team, stalwart warriors, especially skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
    - Valor and strength are the hallmarks of the Knight.
    - Unequaled masters of the arcane.
    - Masters of meditation and the embodiments of phenomenal physical skill.
    - Masters or archery and the wilderness.
    - Versatility, skill with locks, silent movement, and cunning.








    Click on image for large version

    Note: There are two classes not included listed above nor included in the Quick Play Rules: Alchemist and Bard.
    In general, those two classes are more difficult to play than the 8 basic classes so we decided to keep them out of the Quick Play Rules.
    However, if you are truly Brave and Fearless, feel free to tackle the current current Rulebook and check out those two classes!

    Step 2:   Pick Your Alignment

    Your Alignment is a very strong indicator of your personality.
    Are you a selfless Hero? Then you are most likely Lawful Good. Mostly in it for your own gain? You're probably some flavor of Evil.
    This chart shows you the nine basic alignments. Remember that everyone can flavor their own particular alignment for their individual PCs.
    - One example might be an Evil Thief who is utterly chaotic about parties, but they honor their word and are great team players: Lawful Evil Chaotic Party!

  • Good
  • Neutral
  • Evil
  • Lawful
  • Neutral
  • Chaotic
  • - Tends to put the welfare of others before their own.
    - Believes in a balance between putting others first and putting themselves first.
    - Tends to put their own welfare and objectives above all else.
    - Their word is good, and believe contracts and oaths should be honored.
    - Sometime you follow the rules, other times the rules are stupid
    - Has no sense of obligation to oaths, or even to their own word.

    Click on image for large version

    Please note that the vast majority of IFGS events are collaborative in nature, and thus PCs that do not play well with others
    tend to not be selected as teammates or companions. You can play an Evil PC effectively, just remember to direct your villainy to the NPCs!

    Step 3:   Create Your Name & Backstory

    Find a name that appeals to you and fits your PC. Fighting types are most likely not going to be named "Pantywaist", but hey.... you never know.
    Names can be direct or misleading, serious or fun. It's all up to you! Call your Mage "Tankified Butcher" or "Excelsior The Arcane".

    Once you have your PC name, what's your story? Are you a half-blood Elf from the far off mountains of Elbedor? A Dwarven warrior running from the Law?
    Be creative and most of all: HAVE FUN!!!!! Are you Noblility? Royalty? Villainous scum?

    Note that over time you will probably end up with multiple Player Characters (PCs), so don't worry about locking yourself into a Class or a type.
    Multiple characters give you plenty of opportunity to explore multiple facts of Life, The Universe, and Everything!

    Step 4:   Gear Up!

    There is some basic gear that every PC needs.

      Congratulations!!! You've got you're wicked cool PC assembled, and you know who they are and their origin. Awesome! Now is when you will need to get your gear together!
    Here's what you need:
  • Costume
  • Haulage
  • Meds
  • Water
  • Weapons
  • - We are NOT fanatic about costuming. Get what you can afford. Be comfortable. Or go nuts if you wish!
    - A fanny pack or a backpack is a great way to haul your stuff with you when In Game and on the course.
    - Remember to bring any medications or emergency devices you may need; like an EPI Pen.
    - We require that every PC brings at least one bottle of water onto the course. We usually provide the water bottles.
    - We have loaner weapons you can use. You can make your own to our specs, or you can purchase approved weapons.
          There are plenty of online retailers, including Knighthawk Armoury.

    Step 5:   Show Up To An Event!

    Our schedule of events is posted on the main page of our website.

    Each line item on the Schedule is a separate event, and includes the name of the event, the start time, the type of event (game, Board Meeting, etc), the Game Flyer if applicable, and directions to the event site.

    Most of our event are held at Camp Holland in Weatherford, Texas. The Camp has an air conditioned building, and there are toilets!
    Yes, we are spoiled.

    What this means in real life is that you can show up cold and almost certainly get to play an NPC - one of the characters that the teams of Heroes (or Villains) will meet during their Quest. NPCs can be good guys, bad guys, sources of information, combat encounters, or any NUMBER of fun and interesting things! The great thing about being an NPC is that you get to have all the fun and none of the stress since Your Beloved PC is not in danger! This makes NPCing a great way to learn the system!

    If you want to be a Player Character (PC), one of the Heroes on The Quest, then for mini-games and tournaments you can still just show up, but for a major game you will need to be on a team. In most cases you can simply show up and get put onto a team. Sometimes, teams are pre-determined, and in those rare cases the game flyer will list the name of each team leader, called LoreMasters, and provide their contact information.

    For any event you can always call the Game Producer (GP), whose information is ALWAYS listed both on the Schedule and on the game flyer, and that person will connect you to an LM for the game after trying to recruit you to be an NPC!   :) A link to the flyer for each game can be found in the Schedule Of Events.

    Need Help?

    Just call one of the Board Members and explain what you need, they will be happy to help you with any IFGS-related issue or question you may have.

    The other option is to simply show up at one of our events! Someone WILL help you!

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