~ Trouble In Tocton ~

Written by Michael Magness & Beth Wilson

Produced by Michael Magness

Run Date: 30-APR-2003

PC Fee: $20, NPC Fee: $5

To Whom It May Concern:

The town of Tocton, in the kingdom of Callinvale, urgently requires the aid of a group of skilled adventurers. The existence of the town has been threatened by a curse that will soon destroy our crops; we lack the liquid gold to pay the enormous ransom that has been demanded of us.

However, we can reward any parties that aid us in the removal of the curse with credit at our shops. In addition, if you send word ahead, our craftsmen may be able to produce items to your specifications. Please be in Tocton by April 30, 2005 or more information.

Chief Priestess and Councilwoman of Tocton

Team LM Start Time
Open (Call the Game Producer if you wish to LM) 08:30 AM
Pat McGehearty 09:30 AM
Michael Whaley 10:30 AM
David Spence 11:30 AM


The game site will be at the Winter Park in Garland, TX.
If you'd like to run another team in the game, contact the Game Producer.

Trouble in Tocton is a light heroic game for teams of six characters, levels 4-6, with a maximum of 30 levels per team.

Custom Treasure is available at the game shops with sufficient notice. Please email your requests to Michael_Magness@baylor.edu

Game Producers: Michael Magness (254-315-0655) and Beth Wilson (254-723-0457)
NPC Coordinator: Michael Magness (254-315-0655)


The game ratings are:

This game will be run using the new 7.0 rule set. Please be sure to review the new rules on the IFGS web site.

  1. Go to the National IFGS website
  2. Click on the "Committees" link on the left
  3. Scroll down and click on the "Fantasy Rules" committee link
  4. Click on the "v7.0 Rules" link on the bottom
Note: If you read the text at the top of each of the proposed Class Rules, you'll notice that the new posted rules are actually v6.95.x, with "x" currently at "1". This allows for modifications to be made to the set of proposals. When these new rules become official, they'll become version 7.